Martin's Personal Website

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Whether it's my hobbies, jobs, or schooling I seem to be naturally attracted to things with a charge. Oscilliscopes, electron microscopes, and power generators: if I can measure it, see new things with it, or enable functionality with it, I NEED to know.


Find/Figure Out/Fix

I have a curiosity that is hard to satiate. Given time, a problem, and some tools, I will take the problem apart, push/prod/analyze, and with enough luck, assemble the solution with no extra screws lying around. Everything is in a state of improvement or waiting to be. Ha!

a little


With a mind that doesn't rest, I will toy with different solutions for things I see around me - just to see if it can be better. Through programming, circuit design, and fabrication I make my ideas real. Give me a rabbit to chase, I'll follow it down the hole until I catch it!