About Martin

I love data!


  • Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Current Location: Edmonton (Downtown).
  • Background: Child of immigrants, I lived both worlds with regards to language/tradition/values.
  • Scouting: Humbled me and ingrained an appreciation for nature (also getting to build campfires as a kid was awesome).
  • Biking: From training wheels to mountain bike, I tasted freedom at a young age!
  • Gaming: Original NES was the first console, then the PC change my world.
  • Computer: 486 DX2 66Mhz with 4MB of RAM in 1992.
  • Internet: Edmonton's FreeNET (yup, text based internet) in 1994.
  • Electronics: Early 80's, old style "electronics kit" with spring contacts and a ton of components to build your own circuit.



  • Post Secondary: B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with Distinction.
  • Work: Power Systems Engineer at diesel engine company. This allowed me to play with power that would literally move and shake the earth!
  • Graduate Studies: M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems and Nanosystems. This was the first real opportunity I had to dream of an idea and fully commit in it's execution. Mentorship and guidance was key in building discipline and method.
  • Work: Operator of a focused ion beam (FIB) microscope. Allowed me to collaborate over many disciplines, slicing and dicing samples on the nano-scale. My proudest moment here would be enabling, through heavy system modification and some innovation, imaging and analysis on the nanoscale of oil-sands!
  • Work: Electrical Engineer at SME. Designed a positive displacement pump controller, developed/tested a new conductive polymer matrix, and experience the intricacies of construction project management.
  • Work: Research Assistant at the University working on novel methods for investigating Li-ion batteries under extreme conditions for a better and safer future (EV's and grid storage).


  • Two wheels w/o motor: From a simple huffy to my hardtail Kona, I've explored Edmonton and use the river valley to release steam. Body permitting, I want to attempt a ride in BC from the mountains to the sea (of course down hill).
  • Two wheels w/ motor: From a Yamaha BW'S to Suzuki M50, the freedom of the open road is something I can never let go. I dream of riding down the west coast.
  • Electronics Lab: Keithly DMM, Agilent Function Generator, Rigol Oscilliscope, Dual PSU, a store of components, breadboards, wires, probes and my trusty Weller. I primarily program in C on PIC microcontrollers. One could say I like to tinker.
  • Personal Projects: House to apartment 100Mbps Wifi link to have an extended personal network, liquid level sensor with ultrasonics for water tanks, custom high end audio system w/ custom built speakers for ultimate clarity, 3 axis CNC router to further my wood working interest, and a remote data logger for bees. Salvaging electroincs like phones, TV's, and a range of appliances exposes manufacturing tricks.
  • Beekeeping: Started toying with the idea in 2016, hopefully to have some land to place a few hives in 2018. This is a fascinating creature with a very interesting industry. A lot of data to be collected to enable better beekeepers.